Promise adds quick quote feature to website

Promise Solutions has added a quick quote facility to its secured loans sourcing, underwriting and packaging proposition.

Promise brokers will now be able to quickly rule out unsuccessful applications while providing other borrowers with indicative quotations.

Pre-qualified enquiry details can be referred to Promise that will contact clients, confirm additional information and offer a choice of appropriate products.

Alternatively, brokers can continue into the full underwriting system and provide their clients with an accurate quotation, plus all the information needed to conclude a compliant sale.

In both cases Promise will undertake full packaging of the application through to completion while brokers can monitor progress with live case tracking.

Steve Walker, managing director of Promise, says: “Our brokers love our proposition as it gives them instant, accurate quotations along with all the supporting information they need at the point-of-sale, including printing lender documents and application forms to provide to their clients.

“The new addition to the service saves them time and filters out instant rejects allowing them to give indicative quotes having only asked a few questions.”

He adds: “With so many lenders withdrawing products from the market, forward-thinking brokers are looking at ways to maximise their income. Secured loans, unsecured loans and debt management are a fundamental part of this which is why we facilitate all of these products through Promise Quote.

“But it is clear that a greater number of brokers are sticking to their core proposition and consequently finding it more difficult to justify the cost of lead acquisition. It is vital for brokers to make every lead count and maximise the income they generate by leveraging the expertise of others.

“Our marketplace has changed and is not set to improve in the short term. Brokers need to look at their businesses differently, be open to change, be decisive and take action. Whilst many may fear involvement in the secured loans, unsecured loans and debt management sector due to lack of expertise, a relationship with the right partner and the right technology could transform their perceptions within hours.”