Play your part in the green revolution

The sun has started to make an appearance over the past couple of weeks and people are emerging from their winter slumber.

With many of us moving back outdoors after spending the winter months huddled by the fire, thoughts inexorably turn to our overgrown gardens.

I’m reliably informed it’s also time to begin spring cleaning. Mrs Amaira has set me the task of tidying up the garage – the nagging hasn’t started yet but I’m sure it won’t be long before it does.

Like any salesperson, I spend a great deal of time on the road and have started to notice green technology springing up all over the place.

Some of the weird and wonderful high-tech gadgetry I’ve come across includes solar panels and wind turbines.

While I’m not certain what they do, it’s clear we are undergoing a green revolution with bigger and better benefits on offer for doing one’s bit.

Figures quoted by British Gas state that for every £3 we spend on heating our homes, £1 is wasted through poor insulation. So the simple step of improving insulation would have a major impact on the environment and our bank balances too.

Besides the potential savings there are also a number of green financial products cropping up that offer benefits for consumers willing to make an extra effort to save the environment.

These benefits vary between products and providers, with some pledging donations to charity when clients take out their products and others offsetting carbon emissions by planting a number of trees per loan.

We’re starting to consider the environment and the impact we have on it and are realising that only we can do something about the problems it faces. It won’t fix or clean itself, although I’m hoping this will happen with my garage.

The government is focussing on the imporcammy amaira tance of green issues, for example increasing car tax for vehicles with high carbon emissions and reducing it for cleaner, greener cars.

Cars are always going to play an important role in the mortgage industry because of the travel involved but we need to think twice about every journey we make.

It’s all too easy to drive somewhere when we don’t need to. It can simply be a matter of habit and I’m as guilty as the next person.

Like myself, many brokers have to drive every day but for smaller trips we should consider the alternatives, such as walking or taking the bus.

Even little changes to the way we live can make a difference to the environment and our bank balance, so it’s a win-win situation.