Networking site for brokers

Brokers looking to network with their peers or packagers and master brokers trying to source customers can now use a Facebook-style website to get in touch. is free for brokers and is designed to allow them to meet contacts with similar business interests.

As with typical social networking websites, companies are invited to create online profiles to act as business cards.

The profiles contain contact information, company logos and a list of the products firms sell plus the affiliates and lenders they use.

Brokers can search for firms using keywords such as buy-to-let or sub-prime or via their locations.

Once connections have been made, businesses can message one another, add new contacts to an online Rolodex and even leave testimonials on other firms’ profiles.

Some 2,500 firms have already signed up to the website and more than 100 are joining every day.

James Lucas, managing director of, says the idea for the website came from looking at existing methods of sourcing new business contacts.

He says: “ overcomes the idea of meeting contacts by chance. It allows companies to set up connections with firms already talking their language.”

Paul Worsley, director of national accounts at secured loans master broker 1st Stop Finance, says: “We were one of the first companies to go on the website and we’ve found it useful for sourcing clients and getting through to the decision-makers at other firms quickly.

“It’s good to see someone coming up with something new at this difficult time for the mortgage market.”