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Find out why a recent trip to the Ritz attracted a few more guests than expected, and why no publicity is bad publicity for Future Mortgages.

Poised for success

For those of you that were regular readers of Loan Distributor magazine, you will remember the popular profile page in the centre pages. Unfortunately Rob Ridge from Help Personal Finance was due to be our next profile, but unfortunately we were unable to print the pictures from his photo shoot with him and his gun. However, as you can see from the picture, if things ever go wrong in the secured loan market, Loan Ranger is sure Rob will be able to have a lucrative career as a catalogue model.

Right place, wrong time

Loan Ranger was recently treated to a press meeting at the Ritz, to mark the launch of Norton and The Loan Directory’s new secured loan network. The location must have proven to be too much of a temptation for one trade journalist who turned up for the press briefing, despite his magazine having nothing to do with the secured loan or mortgage sector. After ten minutes of John Forde and Mike Boyle exampling about their new venture,why a recent trip to the journalist in question had to stop and ask who everyone was, before it dawned on him that he shouldn’t have been at the meeting and it was not relevant to his insurance magazine. Despite realising his mistake, he was more than happy to stick around for some tea at the Ritz.

Double take

Speaking to one master broker a few months ago he informed Loan Ranger that he would not be going into debt management anytime soon and would be staying as far away as possible from the sector.
However, when times are tough, the tough have to get going, and when phoned again a few weeks ago he revealed that the firm would now be looking into debt management, even the strong must crumble.

No publicity’s bad publicity

Future Mortgages sent shock waves through the secured industry when it pulled out of the market a few weeks ago, only to come back into the market the following Tuesday. By issuing a press release saying it had re-entered the secured loan market it also managed to bag a load of free publicity, as many had not realised they had left the market in the first place. Future may win the award for the lender to exit the market and return in the quickest time, but should also win the award for the spinning a negative story into a bit of positive news.


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