Halifax branded decrepit, derelict and rundown

The town of Halifax has proved to be the least popular among home movers, claims research by Moveme.com.

The website, which specialises in assisting home movers, makes the claim in its first quarterly migration mover, which tracks where people are moving to using a data sample of 22,000 movers.

The data shows that 57.1% more people moved out of Halifax than moved in so far this year. This is a higher proportion than in any other UK town.

A spokesman for Moveme.com says: “It’s official: Halifax is decrepit, derelict and rundown. These figures clearly show that out of any other town in the UK, more people are moving out than moving in.”

Mark Cunningham, co-founder of Moveme.com, says: “Halifax, most famous for being the old head office of Halifax Building Society, has little going for it – situated out in the sticks with poor communication links and high crime levels, the former textile town has failed to achieve the resurgence seen in the neighbouring golden triangle of Leeds, York and Harrogate.”

Moveme.com has also launched a new website to expand the free services it provides to home movers.

The website covers an expansive range of services, from getting a home survey quote to stopping junk mail at a previous address and transferring a TV licence.