Evaluate and I-nvent launch backoffice integration

Evaluate has integrated with I-nvent’s I-MAPS back office processing system for secured loans and residential, buy-to-let and commercial mortgages.

Brokers will submit an online enquiry via their packager’s website and will receive a fast, accurate response from every lender on their panel. Once they have reviewed their options, they may request an instant KFI and convert the enquiry into an application without the need to re-key any data.

On submission of the application, all relevant information is automatically transmitted into I-MAPS so that the case is available for immediate processing.

Paul Fradgley, chief executive of Evaluate Technologies, says: “We are delighted to have integrated with I-MAPS. It is a robust end-to-end case management system offering all the functionality required to enable fast, efficient mortgage processing.

“We have also found that I-nvent’s customers speak highly of them; a rarity in this industry.”

Steve Best, chief executive of In-vent, adds: “We see the integration with Evaluate as an important addition to our offering. Evaluate are leading the race to deliver an accurate specialist sourcing solution and offer us a further opportunity to improve the broker’s end-to-end experience.

“It is now possible for brokers to go from the submission of a speculative enquiry to submission of a fully completed mortgage application to the lender within four hours. We see this as the future for the sector.”