CurriculumVitae: Martin Reynolds

\"My most expensive possessions are my children\"

Name: Martin Reynolds
Age: 39
Company: Edeus
Job title:Commercial director

Where do you live?

Describe your current job:
I manage our third party relationships including liaising with trade bodies. I also work with all the management functions in the business to ensure they are strategically aligned. what were your first and last jobs?

What were your first and last jobs?
My first real job was as a post collator at the old Department of Health and Social Security. My last job was director of corporate accounts at edeus.

What have you done in between?
I’ve had jobs in many areas of the housing and mortgage markets from product inception and sales to underwriting and facilitating higher lending charge claims in the early 1990s.

How does your career to date compare with your aspirations when you were younger?
After I realised I’d never make it as a footballer I decided to become a professional golfer. But again lack of sporting talent foiled my ambition.

What has been the defining point of your career and why?
Leaving the corporate side gave me the opportunity to learn about the many aspects that make up a business. It was a great way to gain experience.

And the most embarrassing?
Turning up to a black tie event wearing a normal suit. Luckily it was a dark suit so I got away with it but I think I started a trend as an increasing number of people seem to wear normal suits and ties to formal events these days.

What work ambition would you like to achieve by retirement?
To continue building a successful company.

How many mortgage payments do you have left?
More than 500, if you add up all my mortgages.

What’s your Favourite holiday destination?
Travelling long haul, my choice would be Sydney but closer to home it would have to be Lake Como. It’s so quiet there – the perfect place for me to recharge my batteries.

What would you take to a desert island and why?
I’d take a boat so I could get off the island as quickly as possible. I get bored easily and would not enjoy sitting around.

Who is your secret celebrity crush?
Joanne Whalley

What’s you r mobile ringtone?
The standard BlackBerry one.

What’s the most expensive gadget you’ve ever bought?
I didn’t buy them but my most expensive possessions are my children. Nine years on, I still can’t figure out how their minds work and the maintenance bills are horrendous.

What’s the craziest hobby you’ve ever attempted?
Origami – those paper cuts were painful.