Brokers can earn from debt service

Trafalgar Square Solutions has linked up with The Debt Advice Portal to help brokers earn extra income and enhance their service.

The partnership means that if brokers’ clients have debt problems that are so severe they can’t get mortgages Trafalgar will help to source advice via DAP, thus providing debt solutions while allowing brokers to retain their clients.

So if a client is in dire need of financial help, a broker can input their de-tails onto a form via a link on Traf- algar’s website to start the process of finding a solution.

Brokers will get daily updates on progress of cases and can earn up to £1,000 on successful completions of individual voluntary arrangement cases referred by this process.

Lindsay Hopkins, joint managing director of Trafalgar, says: “Brokers must have access to a full spectrum of deals to help clients.”