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Wake up and smell the coffee

The success of the ING Direct initiative above provides food for thought for any business-to-consumer organisation. Lenders and intermediaries could gain from such an approach to their marketing activities. However, the final paragraph in the extract says that customers can&#39t transact in the cafe but that it yielded $200m, that&#39s confusing.

Experience marketing, as the authors call it, is a good way to build a brand and ING Direct is also a great example of cross-selling, all the better given that coffee and financial services would usually be considered to be unrelated. It has always been a challenge for financial services retailers to gain the attention of consumers given that many consider personal finance matters to be boring and are not prepared to engage. Consumers&#39 general lack of pension provision is an example of this. Therefore it is refreshing to see that ING Direct has adopted an innovative approach to gain attention and engage in dialogue. Perhaps the cafe environment also helps to make consumers more comfortable with the ING brand because they are being introduced to the company through a social experience that involves no pressure to buy an attached financial product. Consumers are more likely to associate ING with a pleasant social experience rather than a cold financial transaction.

Having read the full article, it is interesting to note that the ING Direct Café charges similar prices to Starbucks and that coffee and snacks are by no means cheap or subsidised. People are willing to pay because ING has developed an appealing environment in the right location. It is thought that the cafe makes a profit and it is interesting that the firm plans to open two more in other US cities soon. This makes the marketing strategy even more appealing – ING&#39s initiative is effective but does not cost them anything and may well actually make money in its own right This has massive implications for all of us involved in sales and marketing and indeed anyone who is in business to make a profit. We could all learn from this and perhaps take a fresh look at our marketing strategies as a result. After all, our industry is not as effective as it could be at marketing itself. On the mortgage side we get away with more than IFAs do because consumers need a home loan to realise their dreams of property ownership and will therefore engage. The same should be true with pensions and investments, i.e. consumers should want to build a better long-term future, but the marketing of long-term financial provision is not working nearly as well as it could.


MGM receives final authorisation

Stephen Maskens, manager of MGM Home Finance, says: “This is excellent news and testament to the importance and hard work MGM placed on working within the new regulatory regime. “We look forward now to working closely with our appointed representatives with no further steps necessary to operate in the new mortgage market.”

Mortgage Mole

DAVROS COULDN&#39T MAKE ITThe great and the just plain dumb of the industry gathered last week in Soho for the inaugural GE Home Lending quiz night. Unfortunately the only MS representatives in attendance were Martin, Thickett and Hall but still more than enough brain cells to take on some of our slower peers. Alas, as […]

HM Customs rules against VAT on network fees

There has been mounting confusion over exactly what the VAT treatment of services supplied by ARs operating under networks would be. But in a Business Brief released last week Customs defines networks as firms which appoints, trains and takes liability for ARs in accordance with FSA requirements and then subcontracts its functions to those ARs […]

Yorkshire launches two-year trackers with no tie-ins

The deals offer homeowners a tracker rate set at 0.25% below the Bank of England base rate, currently 4.50%. Borrowers just moving their mortgage will pay Bank of England base rate for two-years. A third two-year tracker mortgage, without any fees and offering a contribution to legal and valuation costs, is also available at Bank […]


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