Mortgage Times links with Trigold

The Mortgage Times Group has fully integrated with Trigold’s E-Trading Centre.

Christopher May, director of The Mortgage Times Group, says:
“We have been working closely with Trigold and are pleased to be the first packager to have a fully branded working generic application form live for its packaged lenders.

“Our relationship with Trigold has gone from strength and we now have approximately 2000 verified exclusive products displayed on Trigold, and this has which has seen us grow our subscription numbers rapidly.

“The key to Trigold’s success has been the seamless link between the Prospector AAA sourcing system and the E-Trading Centre.

“After inputting a huge amount of client data as a part of the advice process it makes no sense that this should have to be re-entered later in the process.

“Trigold share our vision for speeding up the mortgage process and using ETC is simply the quicker and easier way to send applications.“

Bill Safran, CEO, Trigold, says: “Mortgage Times has built an enviable reputation for products, service and a genuine integration of technology into their application process.

“We can see throughout the market that it is firms like Mortgage Times who embrace technology and build it into their sales process that lead the way.

“Direct access to Mortgage Times generic application form from within Prospector AAA creates a seamless end-to-end process that supports but does not dictate an advisors’ sales process.”