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Milton Freidman dies aged 94

Milton Freidman, the inspiration for many of Margaret Thatcher’s economic policies, has died aged 94.

The economist who coined the phrase “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” was the man who proved that inflation could be controlled by targeting the supply of money. This theory became monetarism.

Dr Freidman won the Nobel prize for economics in 1976. He died in San Francisco.


Lender unease over Shah’s wooden homes

Newspaper publisher and author Eddie Shah is building 44 environmentally-friendly wooden lodges that he says will save 60% of the cost of running a house.The three and four-bedroom lodges, set to be completed by August 2007, can only be used as second homes. Sizes vary and prices range from £198,000 to £265,000.The lodges’ green credentials […]

Leadbay expands staff numbers

Lead generation provider Leadbay has expanded its team by 20% in the past month and is continuing to appoint customer service staff. Leadbay first launched its leads bidding system in January 2005 with under 10 staff but now has 30 employees. The company says it is expanding its customer service team to ensure that it […]

Mform taps into online mortgages

mortgage price comparison website mform has been launched to tap into the growing numbers of mortgages completed online. The company says that £10bn worth of mortgages will be taken out over the internet this year and estimates that 8.9% of home loans are taken out through this channel. Mform allows consumers to type in their […]

Journalists such as Isabelle Kassam are good for us all

From Mike Lazenby There are few certainties in life – one is that we will all die and another is that there are too few financial journalists who are sufficiently astute, bright, challenging, scary or honest to take the mortgage industry to task when it falls down. Speaking as a long-time media tart, there are […]

A funny old year

The past 12 months have been turbulent – just take a look at this chart of the FTSE 100 over the last year. There have been some points which I’m sure would have caused your clients some concern, and possibly even had them looking for an alternative investment with reduced volatility; perhaps without reducing their […]


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