Leadbay is taking brokers for a ride on life quotes

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As a mortgage broker I am always looking for a good source of leads, and have used Leadbay to good effect.

To make a mortgage cost-effective in light of the miserable proc fees we are now paid I always look to sell life cover. Imagine my surprise when I found the firm’s website is directing all its mortgage enquires to Click Financial for a life quote once they have completed the enquiry form on one of its websites (www.mortgages.co.uk).

Leadbay is saying to brokers – you do the donkey work but we’ll make sure that you have competition straight away for life quotations.

I will no longer use this website and suggest others do the same. Lead providers are getting greedy and think they can take brokers for a ride. These practices will create mistrust and it will be the lead providers that suffer.