HCRs could still be a part of HIPs

HCRs were removed as a compulsory component of HIPs in July by the government due to spiralling costs and a lack of backing from the industry. But eConveyancer warns that they could still be included.

Alan Dring, sales director of eConveyancer, says: “There is still a chance that HCRs will be included in the packs. At the moment there are 500 trained HCR inspectors, with the possibility of another 4,000 in 2007.

“Once HIPs have been launched I think it will become apparent that many people will want to have a sort of ‘house MOT’ because it will make houses easier to sell.

“Whatever happens in the next few months, HIPs will go ahead and everybody must be ready. Energy Performance Certificates will drive the scheme, thanks to government commitments. We will be aware of EPCs or some variation of them for the next 50 years.”