Generators are better than brokers’ websites for leads

From Simon Baker

In Mortgage Strategy October 30 Frank Eve wrote a piece on the subject of why brokers should be able to generate all the leads they need through their website using “a sophisticated online service” rather than a lead generator.

While I am in complete agreement that all brokers should have a website as an essential part of doing business in the 21st century, it is misleading to suggest that all companies can easily have a website that will generate all the business they need.

It can be difficult and costly to have a website that will appear regularly near the top of the search engines for a popular key word such as ‘mortgage’.

No web designer can guarantee that your website will appear consistently at the top of every Google search. There are thousands of brokers out there, all hoping that their websites will appear on the first page of Google under the listing of ‘mortgages’, but only 10 free listings available on that page and 11 paid-for listings.

That leaves a lot of businesses having spent a lot of money on websites that will not appear in a prominent position and that are unlikely to generate the business they hoped for.

Lead generators ensure that advisers have access to high quality leads when and where they want them. By using Leadbay, brokers tap into our expertise when it comes to generating high volumes of leads, so they can buy leads in the postcode area they want, of the value they want and, most importantly, can choose the mortgage type they want. This dramatically increases the probability of them converting leads into business.

What’s more, advisers set their own price for each lead so they never have to pay more than makes economic sense to them.

By using a lead generator, advisers are not sitting around wondering when the next enquiry may appear via their website but instead can choose to take leads when it most suits their business.

While it is essential to have a website to back up this process, using a lead generator is efficient and cost-effective and has to be one of the most valuable tools an adviser has available for growing their business.

Simon Baker
Operations manager
By email