Awards ceremonies are a waste of time and money

From Rick Gifford

If there’s one thing I hate it’s award ceremonies in which there is neither gain in terms of real recognition for services nor help for a good charitable cause. There seem to be so many award ceremonies these days I wonder how earth the attendees find the time.

Most ceremonies are just excuses for nepotism and back-patting for people or organisations that are simply doing their jobs – and in many cases getting well paid for it.

There seems to be no justification for categories such as ‘best lender and ‘best adverse lender’.

The industry is populated by thousands of independent brokers and what recognition can we expect apart from the personal satisfaction of knowing that a job has been well done?

What makes matters worse is the fact that, as far as brokers are concerned, many of the award winners have been little more than a pain during the year, in one way or another.

For example, it would be crazy to give Countrywide Surveyors a valuer of the year award when it has downvalued just about everything in the past 12 months – and this on the back of a rising market. How about an award for Gordon Brown as tax collector of the year? It’s all rather pointless and a waste of time and money.

What about the single broker?

I suppose that one penalty of being a one-man band directly authorised broker is that all we have is the annual staff party of one, and the Christmas dance. It leaves me exhausted.

No, we just carry on trying to satisfy the regulator and our clients without recourse to expensive fancy events in lavish locations attended by a bunch of egotists.

Why don’t they just get on with their jobs like everyone else has to?

I am writing this letter so that I might get some recognition and possibly qualify for an award, but I am still in the office and doing this has taken a few minutes and cost nobody else anything.

Oh, and by the way, who pays for these awful ceremonies? Is that where some of the Mortgage Code Compliance Board fund went?

Rick Gifford
By email