ING Direct will revamp system to suit brokers

ING Direct is to make its mortgage application system broker-friendly as part of its transition to a lender that uses intermediaries.

The firm is looking to change its system so that it can differentiate between direct and intermediary applications.

Currently, brokers can submit applications online but use the same platform as direct customers.

Under the new system they will have their own platform.

Brokers have welcomed the move as a sign of the lender’s commitment to the intermediary market.

A spokesman for ING Direct says: “We are looking to adapt our application process so we will be able to recognise broker applications. But we do not have a timescale for completion.”

David Hollingworth, mortgage specialist at London & Country, says ING Direct has been quick to respond to brokers’ needs since offering deals via them last year.
He says: “Everything coming out of ING Direct at the moment reinforces its intention to be a significant player in the broker market.”

Andrew Frankish, managing director of Mortgage Talk, adds: “ING Direct has been a welcome arrival to the intermediary market and we have done an impressive amount of business with it.

“The system change represents an excellent response to broker feedback and is an indication of its commitment to this channel.”

ING Direct first dipped its toe into the intermediary market in April 2010 with a pilot distribution of products through Legal & General Network, before joining the lender panels of Openwork, Sesame and Personal Touch Financial Services.