The Staffordshire pilots bill payment service

Staffordshire Building Society is piloting a new scheme which, if successful, would mean that members could arrange the supply of their telephone, gas and/or electricity services through the society and make one payment each month.

The new service is to be called Staffordshire PaymentPlus and will be available to both existing members and non-members of the society. It recognises that many people are fed up of paying too much for their phone, gas and electricity bills and that they are confused by having three different bills to pay, often on different dates.

This new service follows on from a number of product and service improvements made in 2002 at the Staffordshire. Last year the society launched new flexible and buy-to-let mortgage ranges as well as an online conveyancing service making it easy for customers to move home or change their existing mortgage provider. It also introduced the calculation of interest daily for all borrowers with the society.

The phone services will be supplied through Gamma Telecom and the gas and electricity by Atlantic Gas and Electricity. The one-stop registration process and single bill service are provided and managed by Omnicom Communications and run on their Abacus billing platform. On average, it is estimated that customers will be able to save over 30% on their bills against BT&#39s standard tariff.

The pilot exercise is being undertaken just among staff at the society and will last three months before a decision is made as to if and when to make it available to the general public.

David Enoch, business development executive at the Staffordshire, says: “We&#39re very excited about the possibility of giving members substantial savings on many of their home bills as well as making it easy for them to pay these bills. The pilot exercise will help us make sure that we can deliver this service in a way that is simple for customers to understand and is very efficient to operate.”