Scottish Provident offers support package for intermediaries

Scottish Provident is offering intermediaries the chance to try its Self Assurance Lifeline service so that they can experience first hand the services on offer, before recommending it to their clients.

The Self Assurance Lifeline, which was set up in 1999, is a confidential phone-based support package included free with all Scottish Provident plans, offering practical advice and information to policyholders and their intermediaries, on:

Legal enquiries

• The largest of its kind in the UK providing advice and information on both personal and commercial legal matters

• Staffed by qualified and experienced legal advisers – English and Scottish Law team

• Extensive law library and research systems available

Tax enquiries

• Advice on any UK tax problem

• Staffed by experts from the Inland Revenue and accountancy backgrounds

Debt enquiries

• Staffed by lawyers trained in giving debt advice

• Advice on legal proceedings and the repossession of property

• Debt-related tax advice

Bereavement counselling

• Staffed by trained counsellors and legal advisers

• Information is provided on complex legal and financial issues such as distribution of the estate and safekeeping of personal effects; intestacy rules; probate procedure; advice on Social Security benefits and tax problems

Stress counselling

• Staffed by trained counsellors and referral to local counsellors if required

• Advice given on methods used for relieving stress

Medical information

• Operated by a team of experienced, registered nurses

• Common sense, detailed advice on healthcare issues and counselling services, self-help groups, associations, societies and charities dealing with many illnesses

Nick Kirwan, head of marketing and product development at Scottish Provident, says: “We&#39re offering intermediaries the chance to experience the Self Assurance Lifeline for themselves so that they understand fully the range of advice and information on offer to their clients. In many cases, a call to the Lifeline for free legal or tax advice for example, may save a client money by resolving their problem without having to incur solicitor&#39s or accountant&#39s fees.”

The Self Assurance Lifeline is available free to Scottish Provident policyholders and their intermediaries.