Not quite the stuff of Alice in Wonderland

From Robert Clifford

Stuart Glendinning&#39s letter in the January 6 edition of Mortgage Strategy rightly recognises that mortgageforce&#39s revenue-share strategy “makes sense” and is “effectively risk-free”. Yet he believes we&#39re in Wonderland. I regret that, much like the Queen of Hearts, my comments appear to have turned Stuart red. Knowing Stuart as I do, I know that he will understand that my opinions on pay-per-lead were intended to be generic and fair. I could not give a meaningful critique of PAA leads, as I have not personally purchased any. The only people able to give an objective &#39through the looking glass&#39 view on suppliers such as PAA would be brokers who have risked their own hard-earned cash.

My explicit comment that revenue-share is the “only way a broker can be certain” of no financial loss is the key point. At no time have I suggested that other lead generation models cannot deliver value for money. Of course they can – why else would mortgageforce spend £250,000 per year on speculative consumer advertising: investment which offers no guarantee of quality leads, but which over time still represents value for money.

Stuart agrees with me in his letter that brokers using pay-per-lead schemes risk that they pay for leads and achieve no sales. He goes on to say, “a risk-free way of acquiring incremental business is the stuff of Alice in Wonderland”. Through our dozens of corporate partnerships including banks, building societies, estate agents, house builders, mortgage brokers and IFA firms, mortgageforce generates risk-free incremental business for our mortgage brokers: thousands of client contacts and appointments for free. Oh, and we are in Derby, not Wonderland, by the way.

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Robert Clifford

Managing director,