Kylie and Co brighten up our dreary days

From Bill Aspinall

Carole Colyer-Worsell (Letters to the editor, Mortgage Strategy January 13) clearly has her knickers in a twist when she protests over “titillating photos of women” in Mortgage Strategy.

As a firm, we feel strongly that pictures of Mole, Paul Fox, Richard Griffiths et al dressed in their Y-fronts would put brokers off Mortgage Strategy for life. No, we&#39re quite happy with Kylie and Co brightening our dreary winter days, thank you Carole.

And I might add that The Sun&#39s content and crossword are just right for &#39slimy old men&#39 like me.

Mortgage Strategy is a serious and useful publication and it maintains interest throughout with a sensible balance of style and wit.

Bill Aspinall



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