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Equity release sales process should have different set of rules

Avid readers of what now amounts to a library of documents produced by the Financial Services Authority will no doubt have seen the three
consultation papers that constitute the Mortgage Market Review.

Much comment has been made on their potential impact on mainstream mortgage advice but far less has been said about what might be described as the potential effect to equity release.

The FSA states that based on information it previously gathered via the Mortgage Effectiveness Review, it can see no reason why the new proposals should not apply equally to equity release.

I strongly believe the sales process in equity release varies significantly from mainstream mortgages so warrants a different approach.

Whatever your opinion, make it count by giving the FSA your comments. You have until February 25 2011.



Lenders warned on arrears rules for third parties

The Financial Services Authority last week warned lenders to comply with its arrears regulations, in particular when using third partyoutsourcing firms. In its Mortgage Lenders’ Roundup newsletter for December it says that after Christmas Day any third party outsourcer that does not record phone calls with those in arrears will be breaching rules. Lenders must […]

Enquiry into banks’ failures is vital or nothing will change

The Wikileaks report last week (Mortgage Strategy Online) revealing the Royal Bank of Scotland’s chairman Sir Phillip Hampton thought directors at the bank had breached their fiduciary duties was a real eye opener. The only way anything will change is if we lobby for an enquiry into the failure of RBS, HBOS and Northern Rock. […]

Don’t play chicken with the Bank of Japan

By Josh Ausden, Head of Client Investment Strategy, Neptune Short-term yen strength has hurt the Neptune Japan Opportunities Fund but recent events have only added weight to our conviction that the Bank of Japan will act to ease policy, boosting multinationals’ profits and weakening the yen. In recent weeks the performance of the Japanese stockmarket […]


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  • Simon Chalk 21st December 2010 at 9:44 pm

    I completely support Jon King’s recommendations. In recent meetings with FSA, they clearly expressed that they do not understand where equity release fits & are very welcoming of comments & involvement from the sector specialists. We have submitted our formal response to the 3rd paper & encourage other firms to do likewise before the deadline if they care about their clients & their livelihood. Simon Chalk Later Life Planner, LaterLiving