Clients of London-based Quantum Money could be in for a treat after boss Jonathan Burridge revealed fellow director Fahim Antoniades has developed a penchant for candy cakes.

It seems Fahim has developed such a sweet tooth for the treats that the London-based shop of the same name has signed him up as its financial adviser. And now the word – not just Fahim’s waist – has started to spread.

“We had a presentation recently from a provider that knew us through clients we had referred to it,” Burridge revealed to Mole.

“The first person the guy spotted was Fahim and he immediately identified him as Mr Candy Cakes. We were in stitches so thought it only fair to change Fahim’s email address. You can now email him at candycakes@quantum-money.co.uk.”

“Curses,” Fahim spluttered to Mole. “That Burridge is going to have to watch his back.”

Expect ‘Jonny Two-Chins’ to appear as an e-tag soon.