Goldsmith Williams offers fee-free alternative

Goldsmith Williams is offering an incentive scheme which pays brokers a referral fee and guarantees completion with seven days of the mortgage offer being issued.

The ‘25/7’ deal acts as an alternative to lenders’ fee-free legal deals.

Under the terms of the deal brokers are paid £25 on all remortgage cases which are alternatives to lenders’ fee-free deals.

The direct conveyancing firm says that many lenders offer a £250 cashback option which can then be used to undertake conveyancing work on the clients’ behalf.

The fee is paid within 24 hours of completion by telegraphic transfer.

Eddie Goldsmith, senior partner at Goldsmith Williams, says that it is not true that there is no alternative to lenders offering fee-free conveyancing deals on remortgages.

He adds: “The 25/7 initiative has been designed to enable brokers to earn a fee and be able to recommend a conveyancer to their client with confidence that they will receive a fast, high quality service.

“Clients will also have the comfort of knowing that we have been appointed to look after their interests and not just those of the lender.”