Get in shape for the better times ahead

It\'s 12 months since I began working with clients across the professions involved in the mortgage and savings markets, and to say it\'s been a revealing time would be as much an understatement as believing 12 months ago that we would now have a base rate of 0.5%.

Anyway, my plans for the next 12 months are in place and not surprisingly they are based on my experiences over the past year and my take on the markets to the end of 2010.

A recent analysis of my clients reinforced my opinion that while a few have some or all of the five elements highlighted below covered, most – 81% – must address certain failings if they want to get through to the better times that are on the way.

This applies to small businesses too, so I’m practising what I preach and have made sure I have the following factors in hand:

  • Have a plan.
  • Extend your product offering – I am launching a company and website in May.
  • Review your website to guard against the impact of your local competition.
  • Improve your client database and use it for marketing and research purposes.
  • Extend your business-to-business partnerships.
  • recommend you do the same. My involvement as sales guru with the Marketing Innovation Forum shows me that brokers who are diversifying are growing but only if they know their clients.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the longer days, they are putting a smile on the face of my business plans.