Abbey can’t cope with enquiries from brokers

I would like to respond to the star letter from Chartwell Funding managing director Robert Winfield in the last issue of Mortgage Strategy.

I can only assume that Chartwell is not in a part of the country that has to deal with Abbey’s intermediary centre in Manchester.

I have been reduced to writing letters of complaint to the chief executive, chairman and chief financial officer of Abbey as well as my local MP in the hope that things might move forward.

In February I placed six applications with Abbey. At the time of writing two have been declined without explanation, two other potential borrowers have asked me to move their applications to another lender in the hope of a quicker decision and my first-time buyers are still hanging in there in the hope of an offer later this year.

Abbey’s recorded telephone message suggests that I use its online case tracking system but my first-timers have been waiting since February 13. What sort of progress is that? On one occasion I was kept on hold for an hour.

While I accept that some lenders have sorted their problems out it is obvious that others, having got rid of staff and cut their intermediary offices to the bone, can’t cope when they launch competitive mortgage products.

Lin Macdonald

Mortgage Advisor

By email