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Seek some help to get back on terra firma

With all firms in the mortgage sector affected by the downturn, The Beatles’ plea for Help resonates today now more than ever before.

When advisers were younger many “never needed anybody’s help in any way,” to quote the Fab Four (pictured). But many are now feeling less self-assured.

They are looking to get their feet back on the ground and are now looking around at the diverse number of income opportunities out there.

But how many are getting help to assess whether the decisions they are making are the right ones?

Whatever course of action they take, they need to ensure it’s the right route, as many will not have the resources to accommodate too many mistakes.

Firms must take advantage of the facilities being offered by various organisations such as some of the more proactive networks.

The mortgage industry is made up of many components and it’s good to see that firms are working together to get through the recession.

Even lead generation has reacted to market forces as prices of certain leads have dropped to reflect the fall in demand.

Don’t let your independence vanish in a haze, seek out the right help for your business today.


FSA tells MPs that bank supervision will improve

Lord Turner, chairman of the Financial Services Authority, admitted to MPs last week that in retrospect the supervision of banks such as HBOS was wrong. But he told the the Treasury Select Committee that “it will be fit for purpose, given the changes we are making”.

Customers take a broader view

German consumers, weary of the financial services sector, would be happy to get their financial products via the automotive industry, a survey has revealed.

Most businesses remain sound

Last month I reported that businesses were taking a more realistic view of their situation as well as appropriate action to remedy impending problems.

Looking forward to recovery

We have seen a sea change in the performance of the household sector in relation to debt and borrowing in the past 18 months.


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