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A view from Xit2

Why did I think the opportunity to host a blog would be a good thing this year?

Could it be the perfect excuse to avoid dragging myself around Homebase on a Saturday afternoon by putting something together of relative meaning instead of a plank of MDF and two bits of hardboard that wouldn’t last the length of the new series of 24?

Well, any excuse to avoid the gauntlet of the local Retail Park, yet that seems easier to navigate around recently compared to previous Saturdays. Terry Hall of The Specials wails “Do you remember the good old days in a de Boom Town?” from our Jukebox in the kitchen as I type.

The opportunity to invite readers into the world of Xit2 was the pitch. We are a mortgage and property outsource business connecting lenders to surveyors, brokers, conveyancing solicitors, debt counsellors, asset managers and domestic energy assessors through the web. Like many businesses in our market we are figuring out what the new landscape will mean for us all. Somebody called what we do the instruction construction industry, connecting professional service suppliers to lenders.

In my first months as sales director we have seen a UK banking crisis, a global economic meltdown an unprecedented government bailout (parts I and II with III possible) of the banks and who knows what next. Now that’s what I call an induction.

The climate is ripe for us to follow the advice of Ridderstrale and Nordstrom in their book “Funky Business”, and “unlearn” what we have grown up believing about our market place.” Such is current market disarray that reshaping, reinvention and realignment must surely be at the top of many businesses agendas.

Xit2 is under new management and it is with the additional spur of a new market paradigm we move forward in this challenging environment for us all.

I was delighted to see The Specials reforming this year, however I’ve no intention of trying to squeeze into my 1980’s two tone suit when they tour – that will be a reshaping, reinventing and realignment challenge too far.


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