Quality is much more than a name

Recent months have shown clients that big-brand household names are also susceptible to the effects of an economic downturn.

Now is the time for quality advice and this, instead of a name, will ensure long-term success.

Advice is more important than ever before and with customers now less trusting of bigger names, quality advice is invaluable.

Advice for equity release essentially focuses around ways that the debt left on death can be minimised.

This advice can be provided on a number of levels, from debt minimisation options such as best mortgage and remortgage rates, to guidance on redemption penalties.

Far from looking at one aspect, advisers must consider features including flexibility of contract, whether funds are guaranteed and the level of service from the provider.

Eligibility for state benefits also remains central to a quality advice process.

Although house prices look set to continue on their downward spiral, falling prices do not signal the end for equity release.

The use of equity release is adapting in line with changes in the market and popular products now include flexible drawdown, which allows consumers to decide how much equity they want to release at any one time.

With the variety of equity release options available, an understanding of them is vital and advisers who promote the value of their advice process will be best placed to take advantage of the upturn when it comes.