Get clients to think of financial security

I\'m writing this on what has been labelled the most depressing day of the year, and all the doom and gloom in the world markets makes me think that the day is not going to get any better.

Reading about improvements to the welfare reform system following the changes last year, things are only going to get harder for those who are incapacitated.

The government aims to get a million claimants off incapacity benefits. And as it makes it more complicated to receive this valuable support, it seems to be a case of survival of the unfittest when it comes to getting government support.

It saddens me that most people are not even aware of this. They think they will be protected if they cannot work. They pay their taxes and their national insurance, so why are they not fully protected?

But I’m sure if they were aware of these changes, they might be more inclined to think about income protection and may even be motivated to take out a policy.

With the lowest interest rates since the founding of the Bank of England and falling inflation, now could be the time to get your customers to part with some of the extra money they have to buy a product to ensure their financial security.