Don’t just complain about fees – change your network

The late payment of fees, as highlighted in last week\'s issue of Mortgage Strategy, is a problem for brokers struggling with cash flow due to the credit crunch.

Networks sitting on fees and using them to ease their financial difficulties is unacceptable and the sooner this abhorrent practice is bought to an end, the better.

But brokers don’t have to just sit back and suffer the consequences. The answer is to switch networks and I can recommend the one I belong to – Mortgage Next. It has an excellent proc fee payment service which guarantees monies are transferred into my account within 24 hours of completion.

Life is tough enough for brokers without having unnecessary problems such as late payment from networks heaped upon them. My advice is to kick up a stink about this, boot the offending companies into touch and walk to another network.

Jonathon Mann

Mortgage Broker

By email