Borrowers holding out for fixed rates below 4%

Many borrowers are holding out for fixed rate deals of below 4% before fixing their mortgage, research from reveals.

The professional advice website polled 2,088 adults to investigate their attitudes to rate cuts and fixed-rate deals.

It found that 92% of respondents believe that bank base rate will be cut again tomorrow and will continue to fall in March.

March emerged as the time when many consumers think base rate will hit its lowest level.

The research also found that the average rate borrowers are willing to fix their mortgage for a three year period is 3.86%.

This is only marginally lower than the current best three-year fixed rate available at 3.99%.

David Elms, chief executive of, says: “Even without a further rate cut tomorrow, interest rates are now 4% lower than a year ago.

“With rates so low and further cuts likely to have been priced in by lenders, borrowers need to ensure they don’t lose out by holding out too long for falls which may not come.”