Bankrupt borrowers risk being ‘unmortgageable’

Many borrowers face the prospect of being ‘unmortgageable’ by declaring themselves bankrupt this year, warns solicitors Moore Blatch.

The firm, which specialises in repossessions, claims repossession cases are being compounded by a cavalier attitude towards credit.

Moore Blatch says the popular misconception is that debt problems can be written off through bankruptcy and IVAs.

But the solicitor firm has reviewed product data from Trigold which shows that the level of available mortgage products for those made bankrupt has dropped a massive 96% in the space of just two years.

Paul Walshe, head of lending services at Moore Blatch, says: “Although bankruptcy does not automatically signal that you are unmortgageable, it does leave a very visible scar on your credit history.

“Up until the credit crunch it was possible to find lenders that would provide mortgages to bankruptees, and this led to a popular misconception that you could borrow and forget about paying it back with no long-term consequences.”