The mortgage Mole


inhouse client Mole paid a visit to John Charcol’s swanky new offices in the City of London last week for a meeting with the brokerage’s new owner Towergate.

John Charcol is offering its services to City boys and girls but it seems it might have a few needy clients at its new owner.

One member of the Towergate team revealed to Strategy online editor Natalie Martin that he is considering remortgaging but went on to say that it’s something one does only once or twice in a lifetime because of the early repayment charges involved.

Mole suspects this will hardly be music to the ears of John Charcol’s senior technical manager Ray Boulger who regularly sings the praises of remortgaging.

John Charcol recently advertised that prospective customers can visit ’before work, at lunch or after work’. Perhaps it should add ’in work’ as well.

smart set Mole had something of a royal encounter last week while at dinner with managing director of Phoebus Paul Hunt and Wriglesworth PR James Staunton. They were eating at the posh RAC club in London’s Pall Mall along with Strategy editor Robert Thickett and, according to the latter, were the youngest diners by some way.

But the average age plummeted when princes William and Harry arrived.

“With his misjudged blazer/slacks combo and Guns ’n’ Roses ringtone Thickett was lowering the tone of the place,” Staunton told Mole. “It was good to see the princes restore the balance.”