Let’s celebrate the fact that people are seeking out advice

There seems to be a great deal of pessimism in response to any sort of news lately, whether good or bad. About 12 months ago a rise in the number of consumers seeking advice would have been hailed as a new dawn.

Yes, the rules have changed and products are not what they were but let’s not dismiss this trend.

The lack of self-cert has been mentioned by many as a reason why the rise should not be seen as particularly good news.

True, there may be people who can’t be helped for this reason but there are also clients who did not need to go self-cert – they chose to do so because it was easy.

Also, some aspiring first-time buyers may be unrealistic about what they can achieve in the current market. But the fact that they are returning to the sector is fantastic news.

We all need to grab a piece of the action at the moment and if this turns out to be a case we can’t deal with, so be it.

Anybody who is given honest advice will pass on a broker’s details to others, and there’s no better business introduction than a referral.

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