IT plays a new role behind the scenes


The mortgage market has been transformed since its peak in 2007, but one change that may not be immediately obvious is the way lenders use technology.

In 2007 the battle for technological superiority was intense and lenders fought over the number of minutes it took their systems to provide decisions.

Now, with lenders taking a meticulous approach to risk such arguing over a few seconds seems pointless, but technology still plays an important role.

Our research shows that a lender’s ability to offer online applications and decisions in principle plays a role in the decision-making of 80% of brokers.

But technology should not be the dominant factor. Instead, it should be considered as one element of a lender’s proposition – as a tool to help efficiency and aid responsible underwriting.

We’ve just launched an online system with one of our distribution partners and will soon be rolling it out to all distributors.

It offers DIPs and online applications but does not change our commitment to assess cases on their merits and make decisions based on clients’ circumstances.

This is the first time we’ve had a fully integrated system from DIP to completion, which means it should streamline our processes.

And that’s how technology will be used going forward – not as a way of grabbing headlines but rather as a tool that is embedded in lenders’ businesses, helping us to do our job and deliver the service that you and your clients deserve through the mortgage process.