IT must make life easier for brokers


Whose benefit is your IT system for? I ask this question because I’m currently working with a progressive mortgage and protection business.

The firm has survived the downturn because when the managing director saw a global recession was imminent he began realigning the business to suit the changed conditions.

So with the agreement of the firm’s brokers he cut costs and changed contracts to ensure his organisation would be in a robust position.

We have been looking at his IT system and at every stage have been analysing exactly who in the business benefits from which part of it. By doing this we can determine the value each part adds to his business and what will make a difference when considering potential new solutions.

It’s great to have a system that makes running your business easier for all involved, and top of anyone’s list must be brokers – without them, close the doors.

Brokers are the heart and soul of any business and if they don’t find the IT system easy to use they won’t use it. Simple.

If brokers like your system you’re onto a winner. And supporting functionality, ranging from compliance to commission payments and lead campaigns to marketing, must all tick the right boxes to keep your business safe, look after customers and drive up revenue.

Like most things in life, the packaging may attract us but it’s what’s on the inside that makes the difference.