Easy to avoid being a data theft victim


Website WikiLeaks caused an uproar recently by making . thousands of pages of classified information pertaining to the war in Afghanistan available for all to see.

A lot of this appears to have been classified top secret for good reason. Could the website have got it all from a single leak?
There have been suggestions that military systems were hacked but whatever happened, it’s amazing that sensitive material like this is not better protected.

War tribunals aside, in terms of national security you’d have thought protecting the information in these documents would be a top priority.

There’s no excuse for being a victim of hacking on this scale.

Nowadays, many measures can be taken to prevent things like this. Obviously, the bigger your budget the more protection you get but everyone can ensure they get the biggest bang for their buck.

And if it was a leak via a rogue operator working on the inside there’s still no excuse.

Many cases of fraud originate within businesses and institutions. Someone on the inside can succumb to temptation but steps can be taken to protect against this.

While valuers, conveyancers, lenders and others in the property market don’t need to worry about national security when they exchange information there’s still a need to protect it.

With the technology available now there’s no need for anyone to fall victim to data theft.