Dates for your DIARY…

Monetary Policy Committee’s Bank base rate decision

A Bank of England base rate hike may just give the mortgage industry an injection of life so will the MPC answer brokers’ prayers? Don’t hold your breath. l Minutes of MPC meeting published

Minutes of MPC meeting published

Whatever the MPC’s decision on August 8 you can find out how the committee reached its conclusion when the Bank releases the minutes.

Bank unveils latest lending data

There have been some signs of improvement in the market recently but how much of an impact have they had? Find out as the Bank reveals all. l Nationwide’s house price index released

Nationwide’s house price index released

The Land Registry claims house prices are similar to where they were in the summer of 2006. See if the data reflects this.

Top of the League launch
Woolwich, in conjunction with Mortgage Strategy, is launching Top of the League to reward high-performing brokers. Tickets to a Barclays Premier League football match will be up for grabs, along with other prizes.