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£50M is high price to pay for change without progress

The government estimates that the cost of closing the FSA and remoulding financial services regulation will be about £50m, so what will we get for that?

The first question before any reform goes ahead has to be – will the government be using existing FSA staff and if so how many?

In other words, will it add up to much more than a name change? I have to say, £50m sounds like a hell of a lot of money to put some new stickers on windows and rebrand some stationery.

I appreciate there may be more to it than this but how can we be sure that it won’t just be a case of same organisation, different name?

Alan J Nadin


A shiny new logo is not enough to offer effective regulation

Can I have the job of designing the new financial services regulator’s logo please? I reckon it’s got to be worth £1m at least. And will the new organisation be in the same building too? OK, so let’s get this straight – same staff, same desks, new name. Of course, I hope it doesn’t end […]

Woolwich cuts rates by up to 0.21%

Woolwich has cut rates on its 80% LTV mortgages by up to 0.21% and introduced a drop lock facility. Reductions include a cut of 0.21% on the two-year fixed deal from 4.59% to 4.38% and a 0.1% reduction on three and five-year fixed rates to 4.79% and 5.39% respectively. Woolwich has also launched an 80% […]


IT plays a new role behind the scenes

The mortgage market has been transformed since its peak in 2007, but one change that may not be immediately obvious is the way lenders use technology. In 2007 the battle for technological superiority was intense and lenders fought over the number of minutes it took their systems to provide decisions. Now, with lenders taking a […]

Artemis Investments’ Outlook for 2016

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