£65,924 The average cost of a deposit for a first-time buyer in 2011, a 1,000% rise on 1990 when it was £6,793, says First Direct.

363 The number of pages in the Independent Commission on Banking’s final report by Sir John Vickers published last week .

77,000 The rise in number of jobless 18 to 24 year olds in the three months to July, taking the total to 769,000 in this group, Office of National Statistics data shows.

270 The number of landlords successfully prosecuted last year but Shelter says the number is too low.
£1.3bn The losses caused by the unauthorised trades of a rogue trader at UBS that may plunge the company into losses for the quarter.

£700,000 The value of an unpaid auction bid by IFA Spencer Lodge at Elton John’s AIDS charity event last week for which Lodge is now being sued.

£33,777 The average salary of applicants looking to buy a house, says the Mortgage Advice Bureau.

3 The number of years since Lehman Brothers went into administration in the US on September 15, 2008.