Private rentals can fill the housing gap

I read with interest a report by the National Housing Federation which called on the government to take action against the housing market crisis.


The NHF is concerned about the effect the undersupply of homes is having on communities. Housing supply is a fundamental problem that can only be overcome if there is a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach to policy.

Home ownership gives people a fixed place in a community and stability. But we must face the reality that it is less accessible now. There is less mortgage finance available and the economy is still not as strong as it could be.

Lifestyles are changing too. No longer is it the overarching objective of younger generations to become a home owner. They choose to rent so they have the flexibility to relocate and concentrate on the career ladder.

The private rented sector has an important part to play in this and there is a challenge to provide suitable housing for a wider section of the population. We as lenders are ready to meet that challenge and landlords are catching up.

So while I agree housing supply needs to be addressed urgently, the private rented sector can provide quality housing to meet a variety of needs.