Having fun benefits staff and business

If you don’t shake things up once in a while you’re either likely to lose the plot or die of boredom.

Bob Young

This is as true in business and work as it is in our personal lives. Employers have a duty to think about how they can inject enthusiasm and excitement into working life, particularly when staff have repetitive tasks.

We noticed the effect of such left-field activities during our recent attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the most people playing swingball. It was a worthwhile and rewarding experience with transferable benefits to the business.

Setting an ambitious goal and empowering staff to deliver provided fantastic team-building and proved that when we set our minds on a goal we are unbeatable.

Every member of our team embraced the madness and the result was that we hold a world record. This rewarding experience binds us closer together. It took major organising but it was worth it, not just because we broke the record, but because it offered something different to employees.

Work can become a cycle of one similar task after the other so shaking things up reminds us that having fun and trying something new is a good idea.