Well done C&G for two-week remortgage completion

From Andrew Killingback

I recently read of a broker who was impressed with a one-month remortgage completion in the pages of Mortgage Strategy.

This is indeed pretty good going but, without wishing to appear guilty of oneupmanship, I would like to share this story with you in praise of our local Cheltenham & Gloucester branch in Dorchester and its free legals provider.

We recently submitted a remortgage application to the aforementioned C&G branch, using its free remortgage legal service.

Our client’s application was sent on August 15, valuation was completed just a few days later, the offer was received by the client on August 23 and completion was on August 31.

Yes, that’s right, completion was obtained in under two weeks – and with a bank holiday thrown in.

While I am sure this is unlikely to be the fastest remortgage ever, it’s the fastest I have ever seen and I reckon it will take some beating.

Congratulations and thanks to the cheerful, helpful and efficient C&G team at Dorchester and its free legals provider.