TMO cuts submission fees to 69

The Mortgage Operation is slashing its submission fees for all sub-prime packaged mortgage applications from 199 to 69.

This offer is available for sub-prime products across TMO’s lender panel between now and the end of the year.

Alex Forrester, managing director of TMO, says: “Our job is to help our clients make more money by offering the best service at a competitive price.

“As the market has been softening, we have continued to see our business growing. The trust placed in us by our clients is the best advertisement for the quality of our service.

“We recognise that borrowers in the sub-prime market need to reduce their ‘in-cost’ and think reducing our sub-prime submission fees is the best way to help them achieve that.”

Jon Haynes, product development manager at TMO, says: “We have seen a significant shift toward sub-prime lending in our business mix over the past few months.

“Our reputation in the sub-prime sector has been achieved through the expertise of our new business team and our enhanced service proposition.

“Increased volumes of higher margin business have allowed us to improve our benefits to brokers by way of reduced submission fees.”