The Mortgage Mole

Mole had to confront his fear of heights last week at Mortgage Express’ 10th anniversary party. Held at the plush rooftop garden of Coq d’Argent on Poultry, the venue affords stunning views of the City and an, erm, different, climate according to MEX chairman Tim Dawson.

During Dawson’s speech at the Silver Chicken about the progress MEX has made over the past decade, he stopped to apologise for the wind. Now, Mole’s assuming he was talking about the light breeze that was buffeting the rooftop and not an adverse reaction to the canapes that had just been served, but you never can tell.

Meanwhile news editor Thickett was a rather happy man at the Silver Chicken shindig after scooping first prize in MEX’s 10th anniversary quiz draw, which saw him walk off with two first class tickets to Paris on Eurostar. Mole can only guess who the (un)lucky lady will be.

no kidding The industry’s finest were out last week for the annual Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association dinner, with guest comedian John Moloney, or rather John Baloney. Moloney joked that he’d found the audience’s level when he moved on to jokes about farting. Luckily for him the wine had been flowing all evening.

True to form at the IMLA bash was the ever generous Louis Kaszczak, head of national partnerships at First Active and The One account who headed to the bar to buy hackette Natalie a drink. Justifying his spend Natalie says: “It’s OK. My sister has just remortgaged to First Active so it was just like her buying me a drink.”

Meanwhile, in the thick of it again was hapless MS news ed Thickett who, after one too many shin shan shtonics, headed for Natalie’s hotel room “to collect his bag” but despite having the room number written on his hand, misread it and ended up knocking on the wrong room.

Mole suspects the couple in the room 432 weren’t to impressed with Thickett’s loud banging on the door at 2.30am.

Following his exploits in leder- hosen at last year’s Oktoberfest, Thickett once again headed off to the annual Munich beer festival on Friday dressed to impress.

At the time of going to press the word on the street was that he intended to don his best party frock for the occasion to show off his pins to the rest of the beer guzzlers.

Thickett assured Mole that not only would his digression into drag allow him to ram twice as much beer into his belly but would also make the consequential task of emptying the old bladder in a hurry that much easier.

Let’s just hope that none of the other revellers mistake him for a lady through their beer goggles.