Small brokers should get this system to boost their admin

From Lee Martin

I would like to share a secret with the small brokers out there who struggle to keep up with admin.

I use a case management system which not only allows me to monitor the source of my business and helps with the decisions about where I spend money, but also allows me track outstanding fees, commissions and provides all the lender information I need.

I can now track valuations, the time taken from lead to completion, how many cases written and completed over whatever time period, proc fees, broker fees, ASU, buildings and contents and life. The best thing is that within each case details screen, I can see the lender’s details, product details, network/club, solicitor, fee details and case tracking dates.

With one click I can see the information I need which is useful when on the phone. I can also store emails, IDs, application forms, compliance audit stuff, working notes and even phone conversations against each client file.

My client folders now only contain a few bits of paper and I don’t even look in them during a case’s progress meaning a more paperless office and better organisation. This is leading to a more streamlined business which many clients have recently commented on. The system offers a useful back up service and integrates easily with Trigold.

If you are not a computer expert this is for you. It’s easy to set up and use and the staff at the company are helpful.