Revell appointed head of regulatory services

Ross Revell has joined Virtual Net as the new head of regulatory services.

Revell, who previously worked with Saga, will be responsible for ensuring all regulatory requirements of the FSA are complied with, and that members of the Virtual Net group receive an excellent service standard.

Revel will also have overall responsibility for the client and regulatory services team who deliver an efficient compliance and regulatory service to members within the existing network and the soon to be launched VN direct service offering.

Ross has over 17 years experience in financial services with seven of those in various compliance roles. Before his time at Saga, Ross held similar compliance roles within PricewaterhouseCoopers and at the FSA.

Junior Sobowale, CEO of Virtual Net, says: “I am delighted that Ross has agreed to join us and shares our vision of the future.

“Virtual Net is on an aggressive growth strategy and we had highlighted our need at senior level within our regulatory area for extra skills to achieve that growth and improve upon customer satisfaction. We have been talking with Ross for some time about our plans and his appointment will help us to the next level and launch our new services.

“The industry is changing and Virtual Net is ready for that. Virtual Net will continue to invest in quality people now so we can take full advantage of growth opportunities.”

Revell says: “Junior and his team have a very compelling story to tell and I am delighted to be joining Virtual Net.

“Everything is focused on quality advice to clients and efficient service delivery to customers, which is the way it should be. We simply need to keep on improving and be smarter in how we deliver easier, more effective compliance. I am confident that we can continue to grow as a supplier of compliance services to all advisers in the market.

“Virtual Net is ready to expand through taking on new advisers and expanding the services it offers to customers both old and new. This is a very exciting time and working with such a high energy and focused management team will be great.”

Revell lives close to the Virtual Net Maidstone offices, in Dover, with his wife Gaynor and their four children. When not working he enjoys playing tennis, running and cycling, and is attempting to learn the guitar.