Jerez Mortgage Summit was enjoyable and enlightening

From Andrew Montlake

Thank you for an enlightening Mortgage Summit in Jerez earlier this month. Apart from being an enjoyable and well organised event, it provided me with some useful and important information on how the industry should move forward.

You put on an event that provided the opportunity to discuss and shape the future of our industry. The importance of being given the chance to mix with mortgage luminaries and discuss issues we all face should not be underestimated. I see this conference developing as the place all brokers aspire to be.

We were given much food for thought on the subjects of HIPs and the future of remortgage procuration fees to name but two of the issues discussed at length. I was most interested in the differing views of esteemed colleagues.

Apart from the delegates themselves, I am sure the lenders and sponsors will have got a great deal out of this event.

I’m also sure I’m not the only person who learnt a lot more about some lenders that brokers and packagers assumed they knew all about already.

Again, from a sponsorship point of view, this will be a key event that any lender of note will want to get involved with in the future.

Having being apprehensive about what exactly would be achieved from such an event other than a few good drinking sessions, I can assure all those who may doubt the value of such a gathering that a lot of hard work and hard talking was done, much has been learnt and much will continue to be discussed in the coming months.

This successful event has ensured its future for many years to come.