If you don’t like firms using 0870 numbers, don’t call them

From John Lukanik

With reference to firms using 0870 numbers, there is a simple remedy – don’t call them. Lenders, packagers and mortgage clubs will soon realise they can’t bully you into parting with your hard earned money.

Our company business criterion is this – we only email and do not call 0870 numbers. If we don’t get a response we email again until someone realises that to get our business they have to call us back.

We make a point of asking all callers if their company supports 0870 numbers. If they do we decline their offer of a meeting. This frees up valuable time.

The message is getting through. My phone bill has been cut drastically and I am not stressed as a result of hanging on to voice-activated messages that sometimes just cut off.

If you do need to use 0870 numbers, tariffs vary among providers, but the best thing is not use these numbers at all. Be smart and save your money.