Praxis aims to go green

Praxis is calling on the mortgage industry to go green after announcing it is to aim for a prestigious environment award by the end of the year.

The mortgage packager has already passed the British Standard Institutions ISO9001 quality mark, and it is now aiming to complete its ISO14001 environmental management systems award in the next nine months.

The move comes after Praxis conducted a survey of employees at its Birmingham head office, and found that everyone who replied was concerned with global warming.

The survey also uncovered that more than three quarters of Praxis staff have become more concerned over the past year, and two-fifths claimed to be very concerned over environmental issues.

Richard Stettner, managing director at Praxis, says: As an industry, I dont think we do enough for the environment. We want to take Praxis forward in as environmentally-friendly a way as possible, but as a senior management team we wanted to make sure we had the backing of the whole company.

The response to our survey was overwhelming and now, with the full support of Praxis employees, we are kicking off by working towards the ISO14001.

Going forward we will be reviewing the use of our company cars, asking our employees to get involved in local environmental projects, encouraging brokers and applicants to contribute towards reducing global warming and speaking with lender partners to ask them to consider their carbon footprint.

Praxis is not calling for unrealistic or drastic changes to businesses straight away, but simply asking companies to be aware of the issue and do whatever they can to become more environmentally-friendly.

For example, we are urging brokers and lenders, where possible, to avoid printing e-mails and to recycle their paperwork. If everyone does this it will make a huge difference as each ton of recycled office paper saves 17 trees, and 380 gallons of oil.